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You Have Time

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

September!! My first thoughts were like, why is life moving so fast, can it just slow down, Then I realised due to age, almost turning 50, it feels like time has been wasted and needs to be recovered.

However when I ask my 17 year old, her view is that life is too slow, especially when all she thinks about is school and A- levels. She can't wait to be done with education. Start working and living free of rules and controls.

See it's the same world but we hold different views which are drawn out of different age perspectives and paradigms.

Our outer world mirrors our inner world.

For the earlier part of 2021, , I struggled with time, I felt I did not have enough time to do the things I need to do?

Then I read somewhere recently that People short of time on the outside are short of it on the

inside. They act, think, and speak, believing they are short of time. This was me through and through.

I immediately learned to stop thinking and saying I do not have enough time. I stopped worrying about time running out, I stopped getting overwhelmed with my pile of undone tasks but rather go through them optimistically daily and celebrate my progress and successes.

If you are anything like I used to be, stop saying you don't have time, stop seeing insufficiency, do not believe time is running out.

If you think you don't have time, then that will be your reality and the year will end with you haven achieved less than what you planned. On the other hand if you believe you have enough time to accomplish your daily, monthly and quarterly goals, then that will be your reality

The universe has no shortages of anything including time, and neither do you. The only shortages are the ones you build for yourself. You set your limits.

Believing in any sort of shortage makes your consciousness smaller and slower so that you may experience what you believe in.

Make September a month of achievement as you set your goals believing that you will achieve them from the onset. You have time, use it wisely.

We have just 4 months to go and 2021 will be over.

Love you all and till next month, stay safe connected creating your world



The Change Catalyst

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