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Thoughts and Emotions

Updated: May 2, 2022

It’s the 1st of April.

What consumes your mind? Your challenges, the obstacles, or your resulting Victory?

Where your attention goes your energy flows. Energy is what brings about the manifestation.

This month let’s develop a habit of closely paying attention to our predominant thoughts.

Your emotional state is triggered by your every thought.

Your emotions are an indication of what’s consuming your mind at that moment

Emotions of Joy, peace and love are a sign of good productive, fulfilling, and desirable thoughts

Sadness, worry, anxiety, stress, fear, etc. are signs of negative disempowering thoughts which over time yield undesirable dreaded outcomes.

Your current results are signs of your predominant thoughts.

It’s okay if up till now you haven’t birthed your desires,

It’s time to work on increasing the positive energies towards the desired outcomes by deliberately and consciously moving our focus to positive empowering thoughts. This will create experiences of positive emotions. You do this regardless of the current reality

You hold fast to your affirmations.

These together will produce desired results over a short time

Let’s see what we can create together this month.

Welcome to April.

Kind regards


The Change Catalyst

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