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Change Your Location

Someone asked me recently why she isn’t feeling the original excitement she felt when she started to pursue her dream.

I asked, How long has it been you’ve been waiting?

Time deferred or seemingly delayed manifestation can cause one to feel demotivated and discouraged.

The next question I tend to ask then is would you say you are ready and equipped for the manifestation. I mean think about it are you ready mentally physically, environmentally etc..?

This true assessment of your current state will determine your readiness. We need to be true to ourselves even if we fool the world, we should not fool ourselves it is the most dangerous thing is to do.

Without this assessment you are unable to plan your journey to success.

Where you are will determine the next step

It is a gradual step by step process called the Kaizen model for transformation.

If you don’t know or are not honest with your present state, this deception or not knowing will be detrimental to planning.

A satellite Navigator can only navigate your journey knowing your current location. To change your location, movement is key.

Make May the month you are true to yourself, assess where you currently are and identify the emotions that are showing up that could stop, hinder or slow your movement.

If they are not positive and elevated, you need to refocus your mind.

Your attention needs to be on that desired outcome so much that you feel the emotions like it has already happened.

This will reinstate the elevated state and add speed to your movement.

As you stay true to yourself I promise you May will be a month of transformation like no other.

I help you Change and Create your world by transforming your mind

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