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Do You Really Believe ?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This morning I woke up knowing there is a need for a fight.

But it felt like there was no fight left in me, so I wondered how will I win this battle?

A quick flash back and I realised that in the past :

1) I reacted to external circumstances, whatever life threw at me, I found a way to deal with it. I have been Resilient

2) I would find people to journey with me emotionally as I doubted my ability to follow through on my own. I always needed a crutch. Not enough faith in myself.

3) Asides from the crutch, I also wanted to share my experiences with others when I knew the outcome will be a blessing

4) Never spent enough time creating what I wanted from the start.

I questioned my beliefs as the underlining trend was glaring.

When you believe:

1) You go for it.

2) You do not hold back.

3) You go alone if you need to.

4)You are not afraid of what can go wrong, rather you are consumed by what can go right.

5) People will follow when they see your results.

So the fight is not physical, it rests in my thoughts first and foremost.

If our thoughts which are formed by our beliefs are consumed and overwhelmed constantly with positivity of what we desire we would become so driven determined and unstoppable. That is the fight!!!!

What are those things you did in the past that you know need to change as you create your 2022.

Check, do you believe, do you really believe in what you desire?

Unbelief and limiting beliefs are subtle thieves and they are after our dreams . Rise up with a fight and let's re-assess our truth within.

We can win this battle when we identify the enemy . I am here to show you the strength you possess to overcome and create your world.

If you know there is still more to life and your dreams, then join our online group for free. We will be sharing program details and other exclusive resources in the group especially across 12 months of the Create Your 2022 programme

Vinuyon Ramos

The Change Catalyst

Helping you create your world by transforming mindsets and beliefs

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