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Trust everyone is looking forward to a great Christmas. Apologies my newsletter for November is coming pretty late. It’s was my 50th birthday month and I took time to reflect and understand how I want my future to unfold.

it’s also a few days to the end of the year, if like me you are looking back with gratitude but still with a big appetite for more - Congratulations.

More is growth.

How do you step out of your comfort zone into your stretched zone ?

A place you shock yourself

A place you become you

A place you tap into the resources deposited deep within

A place where there is no limit no boundaries

A place of heaven on earth?

  1. Be honest with your self - what are your fears and worries

  2. What will make you comfortable in this new space - Skills and capabilities

  3. Who do you need in your space - relationships

  4. What will it cost you- count the costs and go for it.

Without breaking out of restraints in your minds and environments you can’t break into the new,

What are the things holding you back? it’s time to look them in the face and take them apart and address every tiny bit as the year wraps up.

You owe yourself the truths to the above statements to arrive at a determination to move into your next level.

Join my community for free. I will be sharing nuggets every week on how to renew your mind for the new year ahead.

The Change Catalyst

Helping you create your world by transforming mindsets and beliefs

Vinuyon Ramos

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