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Welcome to the world of posibilities

"If only you believe"

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Vinuyon Ramos

Executive Life and performance Coach | Project Manager |  Entrepreneur

I grew up with nicknames such as “Catalyst” and more recently “The Bridge” due to my personality and relationships throughout my teenage years to date; helping people to make things happen against all odds, showing there is a lot of good in them and there on proactively helping them with my great optimism.


Obviously, its no surprise I have ended up in this career.My passion for developing and supporting people to live their full potential has seen me lead groups of people especially women, in self and spiritual development via a range of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.


In addition to my coaching qualification, I have also been an experienced Project Management professional for 18 years, which has earned me significant experience in programme and project planning, and change management, hence why my coaching framework is built on a solution focused approach.

About Us

VinuyonRamos Coaching

For many years, I had experienced personal frustration caused by an incongruence between my self image, my values, my need for acceptance, validation and my desired life style and actual experiences.

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Project Management by VinuyonRamos

A certified project management professional with all necessary clearances for any type of project. Experience includes NHS, NPII, Barclays, etc. 

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What Other Are Saying About Vinuyon Ramos


Nadine, Oak Ridge Tennessee

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. You are a beautiful soul and I treasure your strengths and your beliefs, you are a brilliant coach.
Your kindness and gentle way of helping me work through my progression was absolutely tender.


Diana Njeri - Kenya

That very first session was like a breath of fresh air. A break from my self destructive thoughts and habits. I got clarity. I feel that for the first time my everyday actions are in alignment with my goals and dreams. I have my self confidence back. Her coaching continues to get me to be responsible for my life.



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